Create a YouTube banner for the PepePow cryptocurrency channel, featuring a green frog character similar to Pepe the Frog, wearing a yellow miner helm
[Announcement] Exciting News! We’ve Launched Our YouTube New Channel!
Hello everyone, We’re excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel! Our first video, “How to Set Up a PepePow Masternode: Step-by-Step Guide,” is now live. We invite you...
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Welcome to the World of PEPEPOW !

Discover the future of decentralized finance with the Crypocion

Running on Memehash

A decentralized blockchain project

Inspired by the iconic Pepe meme, this platform has been created on first layer blockchain, fostering creativity and global collaboration. The mission is to bridge the gap between people of all languages and skillsets, connecting them through a decentralized network that supports learning, growth, and real-world opportunities.

Total supply

The total supply is capped at 90 billion coins.

Dual reward system

Both miners and masternode holders share the block rewards, incentivizing participation and maintaining network stability.

Energy-efficient POW

Memehash algorithm is GPU-friendly and energy-efficient supporting POW (proof of work)


Random blocks with 2-5x higher rewards

Fast block times

Fast 20 second block times: Quick and affordable transactions

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Community-driven program

The project is overseen by a team of community-elected members dedicated to its development. They are actively involved in seeking, establishing, and maintaining partnerships to expand the network’s reach and capabilities.


All data are open for everyone co-governance.

Voting for debate

Referring to all opinions, and all decisions should be the greatest consensus.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.

- Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

English naturalist, geologist, and biologist

The PepePow whitepaper outlines a new blockchain project built around the popular Pepe meme. PepePow aims to provide a platform for community collaboration, skill development, and forming global connections. The network is secured through proof-of-work mining and incentivized by both miners and masternodes.

PEPEPOW's Survival

PEPEPOW encountered a chain disconnection and subsequent death incident. Following this survival, the developer fee was suspended for an extended period.

Developer Fee Reinstated

Following the vote, the developer fee was reinstated, and the development process is progressing forward.

Q2 2023
Project Milestones

Mainnet / Hard fork

Whitepaper V 1.0.1

Wallet/Software Audit

Social media creation

1st Exchange Listing

Private Send Fix

Q3 2023
Project Updates
Removal of Developer Fee
Community Mining Pool
2nd Exchange Listing
Web Wallet (Beta)
Game: Dice
DAO Nominations
PEPEW Faucet
Q4 2023
Expansion Update
Q1 2024
Mobile Wallet development
Q2 2024
List on 3rd APP

List on FORSA platform

Vidulum platform building


Q3 2024
List on 3rd APP


Vidulum platform


Q1: What is PepePow?

A1: PepePow is a decentralized blockchain project that leverages the Pepe meme culture to create a platform for community collaboration, skill development, and global connections.

Q2: What algorithm does PepePow use?

A2: PepePow uses the Memehash proof-of-work algorithm, which is designed to be memory-hard and optimized for GPU mining.

Q3: How are block rewards distributed in PepePow?

A3: PepePow uses a dual reward system where 65% of the block reward goes to miners and 35% goes to masternode operators.

Q4: What is the total supply of PepePow?

A4: The total supply of PepePow is capped at 90 billion coins.

Q5: What are superblocks in PepePow?

A5: Superblocks are special blocks that occur every 1000 blocks and offer 2-5 times higher rewards than standard blocks.

Q6: What happens to block rewards after the supply cap is reached?

A6: After the 90 billion supply cap is reached, only superblocks will provide block rewards to help replenish lost coins and dead wallets.

Q7: How is PepePow governed?

A7: PepePow will initially be governed by an intermediary organization that is obligated to fulfill prescribed objectives based on decentralization principles. Masternode holders can participate in governance through voting.

Q8: What is the purpose of masternodes in PepePow?

A8: Masternodes help govern the network, vote on proposals, and receive a share of the block rewards for their services.

Q9: How does PepePow plan to drive adoption?

A9: PepePow aims to drive adoption through strategic partnerships, marketing, and a bounty reward system based on the PEPEW coin.

Q10: What is the vision of PepePow?

A10: PepePow seeks to fill a gap by providing guidance and resources to promising ideas, enabling them to move from conception to implementation. It aims to create a collaborative ecosystem that outlives any single participant.

Q1: What is the main purpose of the PEPEPOW DAO operational policy document?

A1: The document serves as a guideline for the current representatives of the organization, outlining the DAO’s objectives, management strategies, and operational policies.

Q2: What are the main objectives of the PEPEPOW DAO?

A2: The main objectives are ensuring fair practices, operational transparency, maintaining network security, upholding the vision outlined in the PEPEPOW whitepaper, and actively encouraging community growth.

Q3: How does the DAO aim to minimize organizational overheads?

A3: The DAO aims to minimize overheads by employing automated governance techniques, which can reduce human error, offer administrative redundancy, discourage the centralization of power, and improve operational sustainability.

Q4: What rules must be followed when conducting community votes?

A4: Votes must allocate sufficient time before expiration, be clear and concise, avoid ambiguous language, address new subjects descriptively, and accommodate simple majority outcomes by presenting topics with various options.

Q5: How will DAO expenditures be funded?

A5: Expenditures will be funded entirely by community members’ donations, either through direct funding or indirect initiatives such as partnerships or mining to the official community pool.

Q6: What are the main categories for allocating DAO funds?

A6: The main categories are Grants (10%), Network Infrastructure (20%), Reserve Fund (30%), and Marketing (40%).

Q7: What is the purpose of the Grants category?

A7: The Grants category is aimed at funding collaborations and projects that broaden the PEPEPOW ecosystem, such as social media initiatives, layer 2 protocols, DEX integrations, and business-level infrastructure.

Q8: What does the Network Infrastructure category cover?

A8: The Network Infrastructure category covers costs associated with fair compensation for work done by immediate DAO members and community members who actively contribute to the project, including administration, paid bounties, core development, and project-related service providers.

Q9: What is the Reserve Fund used for?

A9: The Reserve Fund is aimed at project rescue, emergencies, and providing a hedge against capital losses or total abandonment. It can be implemented through alternate asset accumulation or allocating funds to a PEPEPOW masternode.

Q10: How are votes currently accepted for consideration by the DAO?

A10: Until further notice, votes will only be accepted for consideration via direct participation on the official Discord server.