2024.2.24 The PepePOW Nation Rises Again! New discord server is open!
Dear PepePOW Community, Despite Discord’s attempts to silence us, our spirit remains unbreakable! We are thrilled to unveil the official launch of our new backup server, a testament to our resilience...
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Welcome to the World of PEPEPOW !

Discover the future of decentralized finance with the Crypocion

Running on Memehash

A decentralized blockchain project

Inspired by the iconic Pepe meme, this platform has been created on first layer blockchain, fostering creativity and global collaboration. The mission is to bridge the gap between people of all languages and skillsets, connecting them through a decentralized network that supports learning, growth, and real-world opportunities.

Total supply

The total supply is capped at 90 billion coins.

Dual reward system

Both miners and masternode holders share the block rewards, incentivizing participation and maintaining network stability.

Energy-efficient POW

Memehash algorithm is GPU-friendly and energy-efficient supporting POW (proof of work)


Random blocks with 2-5x higher rewards

Fast block times

Fast 20 second block times: Quick and affordable transactions

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Community-driven program

The project is overseen by a team of community-elected members dedicated to its development. They are actively involved in seeking, establishing, and maintaining partnerships to expand the network’s reach and capabilities.


All data are open for everyone co-governance.

Voting for debate

Referring to all opinions, and all decisions should be the greatest consensus.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.

- Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

English naturalist, geologist, and biologist

The PepePow whitepaper outlines a new blockchain project built around the popular Pepe meme. PepePow aims to provide a platform for community collaboration, skill development, and forming global connections. The network is secured through proof-of-work mining and incentivized by both miners and masternodes.

PEPEPOW's Survival

PEPEPOW encountered a chain disconnection and subsequent death incident. Following this survival, the developer fee was suspended for an extended period.

Developer Fee Reinstated

Following the vote, the developer fee was reinstated, and the development process is progressing forward.

Q2 2023
Project Milestones

Mainnet / Hard fork

Whitepaper V 1.0.1

Wallet/Software Audit

Social media creation

1st Exchange Listing

Private Send Fix

Q3 2023
Project Updates
Removal of Developer Fee
Community Mining Pool
2nd Exchange Listing
Web Wallet (Beta)
Game: Dice
DAO Nominations
PEPEW Faucet
Q4 2023
Expansion Update
Q1 2024
Mobile Wallet Launch