PEPEPOW Masternodes

Masternodes play a crucial role

Earning rewards from governance

A Masternode is a dedicated server on the PEPEPOW Crypocions network that performs advanced functions beyond the capabilities of regular nodes. These functions include instant transactions, decentralized governance, and the implementation of privacy features.

Masternodes play a crucial role in the PEPEPOW Crypocions ecosystem, providing essential services and functionalities that contribute to the network’s security, stability, and efficiency. By running a Masternode, participants have the opportunity to actively engage in the network and earn rewards for their contribution.

Benefits of Running a Masternode


Masternode operators are rewarded with PEPEPOW Crypocions tokens for their service to the network. These rewards serve as an incentive for maintaining a robust and reliable Masternode.


Masternode operators have the opportunity to participate in the decentralized governance of the PEPEPOW Crypocions network. They can vote on important proposals and decisions, contributing to the evolution and development of the ecosystem.

Enhanced Security

Masternodes play a vital role in securing the network by validating and relaying transactions. Their presence helps prevent various attacks, ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of the blockchain.

Privacy Features

Masternodes enable the implementation of advanced privacy features such as PrivateSend, which enhances transaction privacy and anonymity on the network.

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