[Announcement] PEPEPOW Now Available on FORSA Mobile Wallet

We are excited to announce a significant development for our community: **PEPEPOW** is now listed on the **FORSA** non-custodial wallet! This milestone is a big leap forward, offering a secure and straightforward platform for managing your PEPEW assets.


🚀 PEPEPOW Now Available on FORSA Mobile Wallet 🚀

#### Why FORSA?


FORSA makes it simpler and safer than ever to:

– **Securely hold your coins**

– **Run full and shared nodes directly from your mobile device**

– **Easily host masternodes**, enhancing your participation in the PEPEW network.


This service is currently available for **iOS users**, with an Android version slated to release soon.


#### How to Get Started


1. **Download the Wallet:**

   Download the FORSA wallet directly from [Forsa.net](https://forsa.net/).


2. **Set Up Your Wallet:**

   Add a new network of PEPEW by click the deflaut Ethereum icon.


3. **Test the Wallet:**

   Use our faucet at [Faucet.pepepow.org](https://faucet.pepepow.org/) to send and receive coins for testing.


4. **Explore Transactions and Activities:**

   Visit our updated Explorer at [PEPEW Explorer](https://pepew.forsa.net/) to keep track of all transactions and activities.


#### Stay Tuned!


Keep an eye out for the upcoming Android release. We are excited to bring this new capability to more users and continue enhancing the PEPEPOW experience.


Start using FORSA today and take your PEPEW handling to the next level!

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