[Masternode] Installation Guide for Masternode on Windows

1. Obtain 10 million PEPEW coins.

2. Install a new QT wallet and wait for synchronization. Find the wallet address under: File >> Receiving Addresses. Transfer exactly 10 million PEPEW coins in one transaction.

3. Open Masternode setup: Settings >> Options >> Wallet >> Enable Masternode tab. Configure and restart the wallet.

4. Find Masternode Output and Private Key: Tools >> Debug Console, input:
– `masternode outputs` to get Output
– `masternode genkey` to get Private Key

5. Edit PEPEPOW.conf: Tools >> Open Wallet Configuration File, input:
– `masternode=1`
– `masternodeprivkey=Private Key`
– `externalip=Static IP`

6. Edit masterstone.conf: Tools >> Open Masternode Configuration File, input:
– `Node Name Static IP:8833 Private Key Output`

7. View configured Masternodes in Masternode screen >> My Masternodes.

8. Start Masternode: Click “Start All” button, confirm with “yes.” Check for your node in the list. Status should change to “ENABLED.”

9. Verification: In Debug Console, input “masternode status.” It should display “Successfully STARTED.” Check also on https://explorer.pepepow.org/masternodes.

10. Receive first reward after 24 hours of “ENABLE” status.

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