[Masternode] Wallet Update Process

1. Stop the wallet program on Ubuntu:

./PEPEPOW-cli stop

2. Download and extract the wallet, ensuring the correct working path:

For ARM64:
wget -c https://github.com/MattF42/PePe-core/releases/download/v2.4.7.1/PEPEPOW-v2.4.7.1–release-aarch64-linux-gnu.tgz -O – | tar -xz

For X64 (QT-gui):
wget -c https://github.com/MattF42/PePe-core/releases/download/v2.4.7.1/PEPEPOW-v2.4.7.1–release-x86_64-linux-gnu.tgz -O – | tar -xz

X64 (non-QT-gui, smaller download):
wget -c https://github.com/MattF42/PePe-core/releases/download/v2.4.7.1/PEPEPOW-v2.4.7.1–release-cli-x86_64-linux-gnu.tgz -O – | tar -xz

3. Restart the wallet program:

./PEPEPOWd -daemon

4. Check the wallet version:

./PEPEPOW-cli –version

5. Restart the node (only if experiencing issues with masternode status):

./PEPEPOW-cli masternode start-all

If masternode status remains incorrect, try running start-all multiple times. Check for any synchronization problems. Some users have reported success by using a local wallet to start the node.

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