2023.11.21 Exciting Developments, Wallet Solutions, Role Assignments, and Explorer Status

New chapter for PEPEPOW

I trust it has been an exciting week for everyone. The recent price discovery is a testament to the hard work put in by the team, and we couldn’t have done it without the community.

Safe to say, the secret is out; we’ve been moving under the radar for as long as we could.

To the newcomers, I encourage you to get involved; no contribution is too small. This is a new chapter for PEPEPOW, we are just getting started. 


  • Android Wallet

We have been searching tirelessly for a solution to this problem, including the recruitment of developers to fork the old source code. Luck has not been on our side; there is a long and tricky method to recover these wallets. However, it is time for the community to make a commitment and invest in a premium third-party solution.

If you’re not familiar with the team at Komodo, they are an independent network with an on-chain wallet and DEX support. They have proposed a $3000 fee for wallet integration; this will include mobile and desktop support, allow for native seed phrase recovery, and, as a bonus, we will automatically get listed on their DEX for trading, liquidity, and staking. 

  • Web wallet

While we do offer support for web wallets, e.g. password reset, this is an active project and is still under development. Therefore, you are encouraged to follow the instructions on the site; the safekeeping of your, Username, Password and Support PIN is not our responsibility. We still recommend using the full node wallets.


A while back, all roles were removed, and we have isolated important roles in the following way:

  • Miner, Masternoder, MemeTeam

These are all free to select and will be used to communicate updates to specific users. The memeteam role in particular will be used for community campaigns and promotions, so you can choose which one suits you best. We will be using the Zealy platform to organize our tasked based campaigns and a rewards system will be created based on user XP, so keep an eye out for those quests.

  • PoolProvider, ExchangeOperator, Ambassador, Developer

These roles will be assigned manually by the DAO. The ambassador role is a generalized item and will include writers, media designers, influencers, etc.

Block Explorer

There is currently a technical issue with Explorer 1 ; it will be attended to soon.

In the meantime, Explorer 2 is available. It is important to note that this explorer is known to display incorrect balances; these block explorers were not made for our chain and require a lot of fine tuning.

On that note, I have found an excellent third-party provider for this. Requesting a one-time fee of 1 LTC ~ $70, they can get it up and running in a few days, provided we host a node for them. They have already sent me the configurations to set it up.


I will prepare a vote regarding the funds for the new wallet and explorer. Do Not donate any funds until instructed to do so!

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