2023.11.23 New Pool Partner, Wallet/Exchanges News, Social Media Guidelines


We’ve got a new partner! MiningPower has added support for PEPEPOW, the first platform to offer shared nodes.

This will allow community members to contribute to a node and earn coins passively, without the need for the 10 million PEPEW, required to run a masternode.



Be sure to check out #voting for the Komodo integration and crowdfund; crowdfunding will commence after community approval.

Additionally, many users have requested we pursue some CEX listings; please mention your favourite under #project-suggestions. We will compile a list of all the candidates, prepare a community vote, and reach out to the exchange(s) regarding costs soon after. (# Refers to discord.)

Social Media

It has come to my attention that some individuals are creating their own social media channels—Telegram in particular. I see no reason to prevent this from happening, especially if they are aimed at different languages and regions, however, we urge users and administrators to notify the DAO and we will make accommodations for you. Unofficial channels will be reported for impersonation; anyone who falls victim to scams from unofficial channels, should not expect any support from the PEPEPOW team.


Starting the first week of December 2023, major events and community updates will be compiled into a single weekly announcement to reduce labour, and unnecessary pings. This will prevent community members from missing out on emergency notices. My request is that members reach out to the #DAO for any significant project developments, and we will add it to the weekly newsletter.

These announcements will also be posted on the official publishing page, content creators may submit articles, images etc. or can join us as editors on the platform.

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