[Masternode] Free Internet Cloud Resources

I’ve set up masternodes for free on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), Vultr, and Azure (Microsoft). Here’s the information: (OCI and GCP are recommended)

  • OCI: Always free with 4 cores and 24GB RAM (Canonical Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal aarch64)
  • AWS: 1 year free (Ubuntu 22.04-arm64-server-arm t4g.small, 1 core OCPU, 6 GB memory, 1 Gbps network bandwidth)
  • GCP: 90 days free with $300 credit (Can extend with a new account). Choose the location with the lowest price (Machine: N1, CPU: shared core e2-micro, Boot disk: Ubuntu, 10GB)
  • Vultr: 30 days free with $250 credit (AMD CPU, Ubuntu 22.04)
  • Azure: 30 days free (1-core CPU B1s, 1GB RAM). Note: May experience instability during initial sync due to slow machine.

Please be aware that the free policies or machine offerings may change at any time.

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