[Wallet] Recovering Android Mobile Wallet on PC

Follow these steps to recover your Android mobile wallet on a PC wallet using a 12-word recovery phrase:

1. Stop the wallet program. If there is an existing PC wallet, backup or rename the original PC wallet file `wallet.dat`. Skip this step if there is no previous PC wallet.

2. Edit or create a file named `PEPEPOW.conf` in the wallet folder and add the following lines:
mnemonic= [12-word recovery phrase]

3. Save the file and restart the wallet to synchronize.

A new `wallet.dat` file will be generated, representing the mobile wallet. If the balance shows as 0, execute `./PEPEPOWd -rescan` to rescan the blockchain. Your old wallet should then be restored.

(Note: If you want to use another PC wallet, remember to remove the added content in `PEPEPOW.conf`.)

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