2023.12.20 Update on Crowdfunding Progress and DAO Operational Changes


It’s been two weeks, and donations have been slow. Since the call to action for the potential MEXC listing, we have only managed to pool $450. I commend the community for their efforts and enthusiasm.

Do not be discouraged; this is just one hurdle in a much longer race. There are drawbacks to growing too fast, and we shouldn’t overextend ourselves. It is easy to see that we are in a tough environment, building a strong foundation sounds boring but it is necessary. 

While we all start at different places with varying resources, I strongly believe that by moving at our own pace, allows for a unique approach to existing problems, and will prevent us from throwing in the towel out of frustration.

Looking back at the results. Let us count our blessings. The money we were able to gather will serve as a helping hand going forward.

However, this event will serve as regime change. From here on out there will be no votes regarding development specifics and instead the DAO will operate as intended. Community concerns and suggestions will be added to the existing to-do-list, this will serve as our roadmap. We as the DAO have access to all the project metrics, including growth, budgets and spending habits. This means we are in the best position to make executive decisions.

Effective immediately, we will only call on community input if disputes among the team cannot be settled. Starting with a long standing issue, we will save up to fulfil the $3k goal for the Komodo wallet integration.

With the year coming to close, I trust most of us will spend this festive season with our families. Development will be back in full swing as we start the new year, so keep sending those donations, we’re ready to work for you!

Block explorer

The new block explorer is live, a feature rich platform whilst under development, provides all the tools required to analyse the network, this includes masternode profitability, mining pools and user/wallet stats to name a few.

Check it out @ https://pepew.ccore.online


After some testing and a little back forth with the support team at Ceex, I ask that users proceed with caution whilst using their services, wallet deposits/withdrawals do not work and their support team have been dismissive on this issue. Additionally spot markets show inaccurate and suspicious trading activity.

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