2023.12.12 Project Updates: Wallets, Exchanges, Mining, and Community Engagement

Crowd Fund

(Have close those addresses, please don’t donate to them)

The pool for contributions is now open, and funds can be sent to the addresses below; additional options will be provided upon request:

BTC – bc1qggkvnvdcmujex2jkwjlcw5xqnltq8mvkcy5smk

PEPEW – PKY2cqvXw1kavbfS8GjBegsvkwwX5TwxME

XMR – 8BcntX2J2qQVRy1TaXwJaSbC9g7vY6fb48LeeMTBBsYj5MmyuMafQ6W1MRiauqKKGvXWFGKJFDLdsdwpuyajhtZV9CokR4R

USDT [ERC20/BEP20/ARB] – 0xfe7DCDeb2a98c7A456cECe4279FE25982F0f51F2

LTC – ltc1qn36xjfq28d7lphw80tnue2sw6cycxxhjj3wjcv


Web Wallet

As mentioned before, the web wallet is considered an active project and still requires work. Consider the following when creating and using the web wallet: There have been reports of accounts requesting 2FA, even before it’s been enabled. Users are advised to logout and login again, as a test, before depositing any funds.

Komodo Platform

The team at Komodo has completed compatibility and coin swap features for the PEPEPOW integration. Funding will begin immediately, and payment will be completed as soon as the crowd fund reaches $3,000. Komodo provides a secure wallet and a non-custodial decentralized exchange all rolled into one application, with integration expected in 3–4 weeks.



We’ve been listed! I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new partner, CEEX.

You can now trade PEPEW/USDT on their website; they offer low spreads, and we’re working to have PEPEPOW participate in their futures market and additional investment tools. Check it out;



We’ve been listed! That’s right, the team at Exbitron is back; you can now trade PEPEW for USDT/LTC/DOGE on their new and unique platform.

At the time of this announcement, they’re experiencing issues with their domain. However, the site is fully functional, and their team has advised that we use trade.exbitron.com if you’re having any trouble connecting to the site.


The team at MEXC has reviewed our application and has agreed to list PEPEW.

The following amounts are required to list on their website;

Intergration + Marketing = 60 000 USD

Market making = 30 000 USD + 900 000 000 PEPEW

Funds allocated to market-making will remain the property of the PEPEPOW project and will be available for use in the future.



WTM has added a calculator for PEPEPOW profitability; for now, access is limited to the manual/solo calculator while the team completes hash rate benchmarks for additional hardware. You can find the calculator here: https://whattomine.com/coins/385-pepew-memehash


The community is reminded to spread the hash; we have plenty of great options, including the community pool, where fees contribute directly to project development.

Project suggestions

The community has highlighted some key points. However, I’d like to see more engagement before they can be considered vital to project development.

Twitter Verification

The almighty blue tick comes at a hefty price tag. There are two options to consider when registering. As an individual, perks are minimal but more affordable; as a corporation or business, the larger fee paid automatically provides an advertising budget; this is X-specific.


There has also been talk of a change in the block reward structure for the network. Mainly the addition of a few more “halvings”. This request also came with some confusion regarding the existing reward structure and the superblocks-only method that kicks in as the network approaches the 90 billion mark in roughly six years from now. Again, I’d like to see more engagement on the topic before any votes are considered.


Numerous requests for marketing campaigns have come in and requires a firm decision from the community before we continue. We will prepare quotes from our existing ambassadors and third party marketing. The community will then be given an opportunity to vote where funds will go.



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