[Masternode] Useful Commands

In CMD window: – `PEPEPOW-cli mnsync status`: Shows masternode status during startup. – `PEPEPOW-cli masternode status`: Indicates if you need to run start-all. – `PEPEPOW-cli getbalance`: Displays wallet balance. – `PEPEPOW-cli masternodelist info 87.124`: Provides information on masternodes with the IP address 87.124 (Change IP to filter another address). – `PEPEPOW-cli stop`: Stops the masternode

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[Masternode] Free Internet Cloud Resources

I’ve set up masternodes for free on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), Vultr, and Azure (Microsoft). Here’s the information: (OCI and GCP are recommended) OCI: Always free with 4 cores and 24GB RAM (Canonical Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal aarch64) AWS: 1 year free (Ubuntu 22.04-arm64-server-arm t4g.small, 1 core OCPU,

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[Wallet] Sync issue with block 1070288

If you’re experiencing sync problems with block 1070288, please follow these steps: 1. Ensure you’re using the latest wallet version (v2.4.7.1) for Windows. Download it from: [](– 2. Open the wallet and navigate to `Tools` >> `Debug Console`. 3. Input the following commands: “` addnode add addnode add addnode add addnode

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[Wallet] Transaction too large (provided by mancrimson)

How to fix “Transaction too large” error when sending coins You can refer to this method: Key points (Fix  1): Merge Transactions Merge all small inputs into larger inputs, then send them to other addresses. 1. Open the wallet. Go to “Settings” >> “Options,” enable the “Coin Control” feature under the “Wallet” option, and

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[Wallet] How to Check Sync Status for QT Wallet

1. Open your QT wallet and navigate to Tool >> Debug Console. 2. Type the command: `getblockcount`. 3. Ensure that the returned block count matches or is very close to the block height displayed on one of the following explorers:,, or **Troubleshooting Sync Issues:** – If your local sync stops at a

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